Traffic and Monitoring

Job Description

  1. Availability of Rolar shifts and / or fixed hours.
  2. Treatment and management of personnel (operators).
  3. Preparation of freight letters for scheduled travel
    Control and registration of invoices (consignment letters).
  4. Database registration of each trip made (KM traveled, from point to point, departure times, arrival times, per diem spent, etc.).
  5. Customer service (constant contact and information on the progress of the
    trips, loading and unloading of the units).
  6. Scheduling and planning of trips once the route has been defined in conjunction with
  7. Monitoring and support to operators (GPS, camera system, telephone)
    Generation of daily, weekly, monthly reports of the indicators
    (log by operator).



Law Benefits

Excellent work environment with good growth opportunities. Our Patio is located on the Los Pinos road, in Ramos Arizpe

Requirement :

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