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Finding The Jobs That You Have Been Dreaming

León Executive Search is a sourcing and recruitment agency that connects talent with opportunity. There are thousands of jobs on our portal for every skill-set and industry, so it’s easy to find the perfect role for you.

Fast Recognition

With our advice and accompaniment you could take your company to another level

Job For Everyone

Thanks to our alliances and experience in the market, we have a wide variety of jobs.

Why Choose Us

Providing You With A Job Offer That Suits Your Profile

León Executive Search has thousands of job opportunities in every category, including your favorite gigs like sales, marketing, tech, accounting and more. You’ll find local jobs from top companies in the country, international opportunities from global firms, and everything in between.

The Best Hiring Agency Service

We cover both national and international jobs and our client list features some of the largest companies in the world. No matter where your dream job is, if it's there, León Executive Search can find it!

A Family That Never Leaves You

We want to make sure you're happy in your career and we're there for you even after you've found your dream job - we offer career counseling for all our employees.


Expert Team

We have been in the business for 10 years.


Best Service

Our expert team has successfully completed thousands of placements for our clients.

The Benefits

Open Exposure For Job Seeker

You can hire the way you want with León Executive Search customizable recruitment process. This caters to all sorts of job seekers’ preferences and needs.

Job Solution


León Executive Search has an extensive database of jobs that are updated daily, so there’s always something new for you to browse through.

Big Company

We are hiring for hundreds of clients every month. We have never lost a client to another agency, because we provide the best service.


The Successful Story Of Our Client

We have helped many businesses, who were facing difficulty in finding right employees, to find and hire the right employees. We are proud of the success we’ve achieved with our clients.

I can't say enough about this company. I've been working with them for years and I am so impressed by the quality of their service, not to mention their efficiency. This is the best hiring agency service in the market and with open exposure and a wider reach than any other agency, it's a no-brainer. Just go for it!

    Renata Fernández
    Renata Fernández


    I needed to hire two new members for my team and found León Executive Search. After trying out their services, I was impressed with how open they were about their pricing and how soon they responded to my request for help. I also liked that they have a wider reach than any other agency because this helped me find the best talent available in my area! If you are looking for a hiring agency, do yourself a favor and go with León Executive Search.

      Constanza García
      Constanza García

      CEO Brand

      I have to say that León Executive Search is the best service I have ever come across. As a company, they offer an open exposure and breadth of reach that is unmatched by any other hiring agency in the market today. They have helped me with my recruitment needs on at least two occasions and I am happy to recommend them based on their efficiency and quality of service.

        Jorge Contreras
        Jorge Contreras


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        León Executive Search innovative candidate verification process ensures that you never lose a candidate again. We make sure only the best candidates get through!

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